We offer a diverse range of processing technologies
and support the “manufacturing” of components
for various industries and sectors.

Through meticulous consulting, we propose precise solutions to meet your needs and requirements.

With a track record of over 500 material compatibilities and a wealth of diverse processing technologies, along with a consistent production system, we can respond to a wide range of needs with optimal delivery times, quality, and costs.

The diverse processing technologies of Nichibei Parts

Double-sided adhesive paper, resin film/sheets, heat-dissipating materials, and metal foil pressing.

We perform highly precise and intricate pressing of a wide range of materials, including double-sided adhesive paper, resin films/sheets, heat-dissipating materials, and metal foils. We thoroughly understand customers’ needs down to the details and offer material suggestions, configurations, and shapes that can improve workability, yield, and cost reduction within their operational processes.

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Resin Cutting and Machining

We perform cutting processes on various resin materials such as acrylic, PET, and PC. Through rigorous dimension control, we achieve high-precision cutting processes, enabling us to provide high-quality, high-value-added products when combined with screen printing and automated parts assembly.

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Automated Part Assembly

We achieve cost reduction, improved quality, increased repeatability, and stable supply by internally producing a wide range of components such as light-shielding masks, heat-dissipating materials, acrylic panels, and processing double-sided adhesive paper, all the way to automated assembly.

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Screen Printing

We perform high-quality screen printing on various resin materials such as acrylic, PET, and PC. We work closely with customers and designers to achieve designs and color schemes that fully realize your requirements through meticulous consultations.

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