Strengths of Nichibei Parts

02Industry-Leading Speedy Response

  • Quotation Response: Achieved within a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Prototype Handling: Achieved same-day response.
  • Equipment capable of manufacturing small lots and a variety of products on the same day.
  • In-house, integrated production from tape punching to resin printing,
    cutting processing to assembly is possible.

We have listened to our sales staff’s “experience in rapid response”
and the corresponding “customer feedback” on this matter.

  • Example of “same-day response” in the production of prototypes: We received a request from the customer in the morning, placed an order at the factory, produced the prototype on the same day, and delivered it to the customer the next morning. Such a fast response is not uncommon, and sometimes we even receive requests like “I want it delivered within 4 hours.”

  • The actions of the sales staff when fast response is required typically follow the basic flow of “receiving the request -> confirming materials -> contacting the factory (placing the order) -> processing and production -> delivering to the customer” as a standard procedure. It is because we have consistently and diligently continued and built up our efforts to provide meticulous service to deliver to the customer as quickly as possible, that we believe it has contributed to our strength today.

  • In cases where line troubles or similar issues occur in the customer’s processing steps, there are often situations that require same-day response. For example, if a problem occurs one evening, we quickly create a solution and deliver it to the production line the next morning, something like this. We have numerous cases where we have made accurate and speedy decisions on how to address the issue and secure the necessary materials, providing reassurance to our customers.

  • “Providing an estimate within the fastest 1 hour” requires knowledge and experience. It is essential to accumulate experience in order to determine material variations and processing costs. The fact that our sales team itself is equipped with technical knowledge is a strength, but we also have a system where we always consult with our technical staff, enhancing our teamwork and contributing to our speed in response. Even for difficult or large-scale projects, we strive to submit estimates within 2 days.
    Even for difficult or large-scale projects, we strive to submit estimates within 2 days.

  • One of our strengths is the ability to achieve in-house integrated production, but there are cases where the sales representative’s “this can be realized in this way” doesn’t work out or where it becomes technically challenging. In such cases, we value the attitude of actively trying and making errors, continuing the challenge, and finding solutions along the way. Don’t give up; the first step is to take on the challenge.

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