It all began in Kakigaracho.

  • 1955.08

    Established by an individual in Nihonbashi-kakigaracho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

    The Nihonbashi of that time.
  • 1956.07

    As Nichibei Packing Manufacturing Co., Ltd., we began manufacturing and selling various industrial packings.

    At the time of our founding, our products included punch-type processed items such as felt washers.
    Our main products at the time of establishment were rubber packings, gaskets, and more.
  • 1969.10

    Capital increased to 10 million yen.

  • 1975.09

    We constructed the Noda Factory in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture.

  • 1977.05

    As our business expanded, we constructed a new office building in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, as the business headquarters. We relocated various departments of our headquarters.

  • 1986.04

    Capital increased to 80 million yen.

  • 1987.04

    Establishment of a local subsidiary in Singapore, and commencement of operations.


    Changed our company name to Nichibei Parts Co., Ltd.

  • 1991.01

    Establishment of a local subsidiary in Malaysia, and commencement of operations.

  • 1992.12

    Construction of the Hokkaido Factory in Kamisato-gun, Hokkaido (now part of Hokuto City).

  • 1993.07

    Establishment of the second local subsidiary in Singapore, and commencement of operations in January of the sixth year.

  • 1997.08

    ISO 9002 obtained in 1994.

  • 2003.06

    ISO 14001 obtained in 1996.


    ISO 9001 obtained in 2000.

  • 2006.03

    Establishment of a local subsidiary in China (Shanghai).

  • 2023.01

    Capital increased to 100 million yen.