Environmental Initiatives

Our Approach to the Environment

Striving for “harmony with nature” and environmentally friendly product development
Nichibei Parts aims to be a company that responds to society’s demands, such as reducing environmental impact and preventing pollution. Regarding environmental-related substances, we have established our “unique system” and follow the principle of “do not purchase, do not produce, do not ship” by confirming them from the order to shipment process. Additionally, we recognize the importance of waste generated from our production activities and are committed to reducing environmental impact and preventing pollution.

Environmental Efforts and Policies

In all production activities from order receipt to delivery.
We are working to reduce environmental impact and prevent pollution in all production activities, from order receipt to production and delivery, concerning components primarily used in electronic devices.
In all production and office activities
In all production and office activities, we strive for continuous improvement concerning matters that directly or indirectly impact the environment, with a focus on reducing environmental impact and preventing pollution.
In compliance with laws and other regulatory requirements.
We clearly define and adhere to our responses, taking into consideration environmental laws and regulations, as well as other requirements that we agree with (especially customer requirements related to environmental substances).
Setting, assessing, and reviewing environmental objectives and goals.
We establish environmental objectives and goals, regularly review them, and work towards the continuous improvement and maintenance of our Environmental Management System (EMS).