Pioneering the Future Beyond Evolution

A creative parts manufacturer equipped with processing technology to fulfill needs.

Our mission as a parts manufacturer is to respond to customers’ needs with the optimal delivery time, quality, and cost.
To achieve this, it is essential to have advanced processing technology and establish a system that can look ahead
to “the future” to meet customers’ needs and requirements.

Nichibei Parts provides solutions that value foresight, backed by a diverse accumulation of processing technologies
and a consistent production system, to more deeply and broadly meet customer demands.

Mission, Vision, Value

We strive to master unique technologies that align with the times, collaborating with our valued customers to contribute to a prosperous future worldwide.
  • Our company aims to grow into a global enterprise worthy of the name “Nichibei (Japan-USA)” Parts as we approach our 100th anniversary in 2056.
  • Our employees strive for excellence in all matters and continuously improve their skills in various fields.
  • Our management is committed to ensuring the happiness of our employees and their families.

All employees face our customers with a heart full of gratitude, demonstrating:

  • “Promptness”: Taking initiative on their own, they move swiftly and perform their tasks with agility.
  • “Proposal”: With a self-starting attitude toward improvement, they proactively generate ideas.
  • “Collaboration”: Leading of their own accord, they work in unity as a team.