Strengths of Nichibei Parts

01Proposal and Problem-Solving Know-How Established from a Long History and Experience

  • Proposing technology cultivated over more than 60 years of history
  • Responding to customer inquiries:
    Proposal and solution-oriented sales with a track record of over 200,000 inquiries
  • Proposing products that prioritize customer usability
  • Proposing materials and technologies that can turn “nice-to-have” ideas into reality

We have heard from our sales staff
about the “strengths they experience through their sales activities”
and the “feedback they receive from customers.”

  • We began business relationships with some companies shortly after their establishment, with several of these partnerships lasting for over 50 years. In such business relationships, when new parts are needed, a trust has been established that “as long as it is communicated to Nichibei Parts, it will be okay.” It is also common for the previous contact person to introduce and hand over to a new one.

  • Even in cases where larger parts manufacturers would take longer, we have received words of appreciation from our customers, such as, “Nichibei Parts is extremely helpful because their sales representative connects all the dots and provides solutions.” Receiving such appreciation is a result of our traditionally open and communicative corporate culture. From our sales representatives to our management team, there is an exceptionally smooth flow of mutual understanding and communication within our company, which enables us to make appropriate decisions quickly.

  • In some cases, individuals who have become independent or started their own businesses from our client companies become new customers themselves. The main reason they continue to do business with us is that “when they were in trouble, our response was good and quick.” In situations where there were supply shortages due to materials not arriving as planned, or when defects occurred, our recovery response has been evaluated positively, indicating that the customers were satisfied with the way these issues were handled.

  • To respond appropriately and promptly in emergency situations, it is crucial to quickly identify solutions and be agile. One of our significant advantages is our ability to make small adjustments and remain flexible, immediately upon determining “what needs to be done,” while simultaneously securing materials, controlling the factory’s production line, and delivering them to the factory. Of course, the extensive knowledge and experience that has been cultivated in sales over the years are indispensable for quick decision-making.

  • To propose “products that prioritize customer usability,” it is essential to respond to technological updates and meet the changing customer demands over time. For example, the automation of our customers’ assembly processes. As automation and mechanization have become more prevalent, the delivery method for components has shifted from sheets to rolls. Consequently, the precision requirements for products have also increased. We successfully improved the pitch accuracy of components to align with mechanization, achieving ±0.03mm accuracy.

  • As examples of realizing “It would be great to have this!”, we have achieved the following:

    It would be great to have a high-precision inner diameter taper for the lens layer interstitial light-shielding ring! We’ve achieved that.

    It would be great to have flexibility for the graphite sheet used in the drive unit! We’ve achieved that.

    It would be great to make thick materials that are difficult to secure space for thinner! We’ve achieved that.

  • It is not uncommon to make specification proposals to improve the operational efficiency of our business partners’ assembly processes. For example, proposals such as consolidating multiple components into one component have contributed to increased work efficiency and cost reduction. Furthermore, in order to facilitate easier handling, products that have been improved by adding tabs for easy removal have been standardized.

  • The inheritance of the “sales force” that has been cultivated for more than 60 years is primarily carried out through on-the-job training (OJT). As our company provides fully customized products, it is crucial to identify where our customers’ “issues and needs” are and turn them into concrete products. To acquire this skill, our young employees work alongside experienced staff, learning day by day.

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