About Us

Pioneering the Future Beyond Evolution

A creative parts manufacturer equipped with processing technology to fulfill needs.

Our mission as a parts manufacturer is to respond to customers’ needs with the optimal delivery time, quality, and cost.
To achieve this, it is essential to have advanced processing technology and establish a system that can look ahead
to “the future” to meet customers’ needs and requirements.

Nichibei Parts provides solutions that value foresight, backed by a diverse accumulation of processing technologies
and a consistent production system, to more deeply and broadly meet customer demands.

Company name
Nichibei Parts
Co., Ltd.
Established July 6, 1956
Capital 100 million yen
Services Manufacturer and distributor of components for digital devices such as mobile electronics and home electronics.
Number of
345 (Japan: 125 / Overseas: 220) as of March, 2024
Head office 〒134-8602 7-9-17 Nishi-Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 134-8602, Japan
tel:+81(0)3-3688-5258 / fax: +81(0)3-3688-5218

Access Map

  • Domestic: Headquarters, Yoshikawa Factory, Hokkaido Factory
  • Overseas: 2 locations in Singapore, Malaysia, China
Major client companies Elematec Corporation / CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. / Canon Inc. / KYOCERA Corporation / Kuroda Electric Co., Ltd. / SIGMA Corporation / Sharp Corporation / Sony Corporation / Sony Interactive Entertainment / Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation / TOSHIBA CORPORATION / NITTO DENKO CORPORATION / Panasonic Corporation / FUJIFILM Corporation / Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation / LINTEC Corporation