Strengths of Nichibei Parts

Our Five Strengths

Proposal and Problem-Solving Know-How Established from a Long History and Experience
  • ・ Proposing technology cultivated over more than 60 years of history
  • ・ Responding to customer inquiries: Proposal and solution-oriented sales with a track record of over 200,000 inquiries
  • ・ Proposing products that prioritize customer usability
  • ・ Proposing materials and technologies that can turn “nice-to-have” ideas into reality

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Industry-Leading Speedy Response
  • ・ Quotation Response: Achieved within a minimum of 1 hour.
  • ・ Prototype Handling: Achieved same-day response.
  • ・ Equipment capable of manufacturing small lots and a variety of products on the same day.
  • ・ In-house, integrated production from tape punching to resin printing, cutting processing to assembly is possible.

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Material Compatibility According to Customer Needs and Requests
  • ・ Utilizing over 500 types of materials through partnerships with over 50 companies.
  • ・ Proficient in the production of heat-dissipating and light-shielding components. We can flexibly accommodate even customers’ “specific or particular” requests.
High-Precision Machining Technology
  • ・ Achieving ±0.05mm precision in punched products and a width of 0.2mm.
  • ・ Achieving ±0.02mm precision in cutting processing using our in-house patents.
  • ・ Realizing the lamination of thin graphite sheets.
Global Standards
  • ・ BCP (Business Continuity Plan) compliance with the same equipment both domestically and overseas. Processing bases in Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.
  • ・ Track record of deliveries to major global companies through our in-house global production and sales network.
  • ・ Sales of products with a global focus on environmental and quality aspects.


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